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Parallel is a name chosen to evoke the fact that legal advice must be connected to the operational issues and constraints of companies.

Business and law cannot be dealt with separately.

Understandable in many languages, Parallel also refers to the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, each of which can take advantage of the industrial revolution we are experiencing, provided they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolution.

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Implement your international strategy timely and efficiently.

Technology defies economic boundaries, but legal boundaries remain. At Parallel, we build the bridges necessary to enable our clients to operate internationally in the most efficient way possible.

Expand your operations in Europe


After having conquered the French market, it is usual for a company to aim at developing on the territory of the European Union since it represents an important potential and allows to scale up its operations.

The legal dimension of this type of expansion is key because it is necessary to take into account local specificities without reinventing the company’s economic model and legal structure.

Parallel Avocats assists its clients in their development in the member states of the European Union by managing the adaptation of legal documents (in particular, contracts and general conditions), by coordinating with local lawyers to assess legal risks (in particular, to understand specificities and unburden managers) and by structuring the group from a legal perspective (in particular, determining whether a local subsidiary is necessary and to organize relations within the group).


Non-European companies perceive the European market as a strong development potential as it is a single market where goods, commodities and services move freely.

However, setting up business in Europe (through organic growth or external growth) requires a legal strategy to maximize both business and legal benefits, but also to minimize the constraints resulting from national specificities.

Parallel Avocats assists non-European companies wishing to establish themselves in Europe by building the legal structure of their presence in Europe, by assisting them in their acquisitions in Europe and by assessing the legal advantages and disadvantages of choosing France and then expanding into the European Union.

Setting up a business in

Bridging the gap with the United States

For digital companies, the United States represents an important business opportunity and expanding to this market is often an objective for European companies that have managed to scale up in Europe.

The development of an activity in the United States has a strong legal dimension since the two locations’ legal systems have important differences.

To facilitate the expansion of its clients, Parallel’s lawyers bridge these legal cultures and assist companies in their various approaches (in particular, setting up in the United States, flip into a US company, adapting legal documents for the American market, setting up incentive mechanisms for American employees). Our lawyers are all bilingual and some are admitted to the New York Bar, with professional experience in the United States. We also rely on local counsels with whom we have established sustainable and regular relationships.

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