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Parallel is a name chosen to evoke the fact that legal advice must be connected to the operational issues and constraints of companies.

Business and law cannot be dealt with separately.

Understandable in many languages, Parallel also refers to the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, each of which can take advantage of the industrial revolution we are experiencing, provided they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolution.

Case studies


ManoMano's compliance with online platforms’ regulations

The firm Parallel Avocats helped ManoMano to comply with its obligations relating to the transparency of algorithms.


The entry into force of new rules requiring online platforms operators to inform users about the ranking and referencing rules of their online offers was an opportunity for ManoMano to benefit from Parallel Avocats’ expertise.

Our lawyers studied the functioning of the website, exchanged with ManoMano’s team, analysed the terms of use and reviewed the platform's user journey. The efficient communication with ManoMano’s teams on specific points made it possible to test the pragmatism of our legal advice real time conditions. The necessary changes were then implemented by ManoMano in a short time.

The intervention of Parallel Avocats improved the legal certainty of the client on an issue under increasing scrutiny from French administrative authorities. The product has been brought into compliance without losing fluidity for users and simplicity of management for the platform.

Olivier Vaury & Charlotte de Dreuzy

CFO & Legal Counsel

« Parallel’s experience with these platform compliance issues allowed us to bring our company into compliance very effectively. »
(Olivier Vaury, CFO).

« Arthur and Michel offered precise compliance and user-friendly actions. Their availability and expertise facilitated the implementation of their advice. »
(Charlotte de Dreuzy Legal Counsel).

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