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Parallel is a name chosen to evoke the fact that legal advice must be connected to the operational issues and constraints of companies.

Business and law cannot be dealt with separately.

Understandable in many languages, Parallel also refers to the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, each of which can take advantage of the industrial revolution we are experiencing, provided they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolution.

Case studies


Legal and data flow structuring of a SaaS solution

Fairly Made, a technology company whose software solutions provide information on the production chain of textile and accessory products in order to determine their traceability and assess their social and environmental impact, has called on Parallel Avocats to strengthen the legal structure of software as a service (SaaS) solution.


As part of the strong development of its business, Fairly Made wanted to build a contractual structure that would simplify its relationships with commercial partners and make them more efficient, while also providing a framework for data flows.

Parallel Avocats analysed Fairly Made's operations and, in line with the client's objectives, suggested a contractual structure that took into account its operational functioning and the legal imperatives of the fashion industry. The various dimensions, whether operational, legal or technological, were taken into account to build the documents most relevant to the company's vision.

The work carried out by Parallel Avocats enabled Fairly Made to secure the legal structure of its product, which could be deployed on a large scale. The management of data flows, whether personal or not, was at the heart of the project, to protect all stakeholders and ensure maximum value creation.

Camille Le Gal and Mélanie Deleusse

Founder and General Counsel of Fairly Made

« What’s particularly pleasing about the Parallel’s team is that their expertise and detailed knowledge of technological products, interfaces and legal issues is not a commercial veneer. It’s a reality, and that’s invaluable to us. We were able to focus on the sensitive points, while trusting that the rest would be of high quality. Having good lawyers is good. It is better to have lawyers who are passionate about your business and know what’s at stake! »

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