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Parallel is a name chosen to evoke the fact that legal advice must be connected to the operational issues and constraints of companies.

Business and law cannot be dealt with separately.

Understandable in many languages, Parallel also refers to the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, each of which can take advantage of the industrial revolution we are experiencing, provided they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolution.

Case studies


Investment in future equity

Advising InMemori in connection with a fundraising in the form of a SAFE (simple agreement for future equity).


InMemori wanted to raise a significant seed capital (2.5 million euros) quickly and simply.

Design of a SAFE-type mechanism, in the form of share subscription warrants giving the right to shares at the time of a future equity finacing. Determination of conditions for raising from different types of investors (venture capital funds, foreign investors, business angels).

Completion of a fundraising to finance InMemori's development in France and the United States using a simpler mechanism than a traditional equity financing and without having to determine the company's valuation.

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