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Parallel is a name chosen to evoke the fact that legal advice must be connected to the operational issues and constraints of companies.

Business and law cannot be dealt with separately.

Understandable in many languages, Parallel also refers to the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, each of which can take advantage of the industrial revolution we are experiencing, provided they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolution.

Case studies


Legal support for GDPR compliance

Anticipating the entry into force of the GDPR, Drivy called in Parallel Avocats, its long-standing advisor on regulatory issues, in order to adapt its operations to the new data protection rules in the most efficient way possible.


To anticipate the entry into force of the GDPR, Drivy wanted to conduct the necessary compliance actions for its online platform while minimizing interference with its business operations (eg. Minimal interference with the user journey).

Parallel Avocats structured its intervention within a precise timetable and based its legal assessment of the situation on well-identified documents. Thanks to regular meetings and shared objectives with Drivy's teams, the process quickly followed its course, allowing the platform to reassure all its users when the new regulation came into force.

Parallel's open and transparent intervention quickly allowed Drivy to improve its knowledge of personal data rules while making the necessary adjustments to its product and its internal procedures to take into account GDPR constraints. The result achieved a balance between the fluidity of operations and compliance with data protection rules.

Simon Baldeyrou


Parallel enabled us to achieve our goal by not messing up our operational functioning and allocating efforts where they were crucial for the business. This efficient approach was made possible by the precise knowledge of our business model demonstrated by Parallel Avocats’ lawyers over the past years.

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