We have chosen the term « Parallel » so as to evoke the importance of legal advice connected to the operational constraints of innovative business models. Business and law cannot be dealt with separately. Parallel is also an evocation of the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, which can both benefit from the digital revolution provided that they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolutions.

Case studies

Case study


Advising a leading peer-to-peer car rental platform in relation to a major change in its business model

  • Client, a major peer-to-peer car rental platform, needed to change his business operations in order to continue his development.
  • The projected changes consisted both in increasing the user basis (by allowing professionals to use the platform) and by monetizing part of the services offered to users.
  • Client chose Parallel to advise him on the legal implications of this change and on the implementation of these changes in his terms of use.
  • Parallel realized an in-depth analysis of the projected evolutions and their impact of the client’s legal structure.
  • Parallel assessed the risks associated to each change in the business model and the necessary adjustments to the Client’s terms of use.
  • Client implemented Parallel’s advice and realized the legal impact of business decisions.
  • A successful change: the implemented changes allowed the Client to drastically grow his business without putting his legal safety in danger.
  • Knowing what matters: Parallel’s focused approach allowed the Client to efficiently implement the projected changes.
  • A long-term vision: the Client’s ability to change his business model and adapt his legal structure demonstrated his agility and the strength of his business vision.