We have chosen the term « Parallel » so as to evoke the importance of legal advice connected to the operational constraints of innovative business models. Business and law cannot be dealt with separately. Parallel is also an evocation of the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, which can both benefit from the digital revolution provided that they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolutions.

Case studies

Case study


An international short-term rental platform complies with French article 242 bis of the French Tax Code

  • Client was informed of the entry into force of article 242 bis of the French Tax Code (duty of information of platforms and necessity to obtain a compliance certificate) and needed assistance in order to comply with this new rule.
  • Parallel intervened to conduct the audit and compliance work, a key mandate in the perspective of the automatization of platform revenue declarations in 2019.
  • Parallel prepared a roadmap for the Client, containing an analysis of the new rules, a description of its methodology and a calendar for the mission.
  • On the basis of the documents received from the Client, the Parallel team conducted a gap analysis in order to identify the points that needed adaptation.
  • After having verified that the Client built the recommendations into his product, Parallel Avocats issued the compliance certificate mentioned in article 242 bis of the French Tax Code.
  • Attention to legal issues: after this successful compliance process, Client was able to accelerate his development and reassure the board of directors.
  • Compliance: Client complied with the latest rules and regulations, thus strengthening his position in the discussions he regularly conducts with French institutions.
  • Informed users: the presence of complete, clear and understandable information in the Client’s product as well as the issuance of revenue summaries fostered user confidence and trust.