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Case study


Assisting a B to B service platform in the context of an investigation by the French Data Protection Office (CNIL)

  • Client, a digital platform in the service industry, was subject to a visit and investigation by the French Data Protection Authority, the CNIL.
  • The unanticipated presence of several investigators in the client’s premises was a particularly stressful moment where some key reflexes need to be adopted.
  • Parallel Avocats was immediately contacted and present with the Client throughout the whole investigation procedure.
  • After giving first advice on the phone, Parallel Avocats immediately joined the client on his premises.
  • Parallel Avocats made sure that the procedural rules applicable to such an investigation were duly respected by the investigators while trying to understand the reason why the control was taking place.
  • Parallel represented the Client during the entire proceedings.
  • Being here from A to Z: Parallel’s early stage intervention during the investigation allowed for a more cost and time efficient of the Client’s interest.
  • Dialog with the regulator: The French Data Protection Office (CNIL) and Parallel Avocats have been in contact during the entire proceedings, which created trust and improved the Client’s ability to defend his own interests.
  • Learning from one’s mistakes: the investigations uncovered several aspects of the client’s business where improvements needed to be made. Parallel Avocats assisted the Client in these steps.