We have chosen the term « Parallel » so as to evoke the importance of legal advice connected to the operational constraints of innovative business models. Business and law cannot be dealt with separately. Parallel is also an evocation of the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, which can both benefit from the digital revolution provided that they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolutions.

Case studies

Case study


Advising a first tier French venture capital fund in the context of an investment into a major French mobility platform

  • Client wanted to obtain a legal opinion on the regulatory and litigation risk of the platform he was willing to invest into.
  • The target of the investment being a very innovative company, the Client wanted to identify the risks and the eventual corrective actions to be implemented after his investment.
  • Parallel Avocats intervened during the due diligence process.
  • Parallel first discussed the objectives of the analysis with the Client, then met with the target in order to clarify some aspects of the business model and analyzed the relevant documents.
  • Parallel then drafted its analysis and quantified the level of risk associated to each core aspects of the target’s business.
  • Finally, Parallel issued practical guidelines aimed at reducing the risks identified.
  • Certainty: the Client realized his investment in full possession of the facts and took into account the specific digital law regulatory risks of his target.
  • Efficiency: Parallel’s work for the Client benefited the target, which then worked closely with Parallel to adapt its product.
  • Anticipation: this intervention made the Client aware of the importance of regulatory risks associated to innovative business and made him a leader on these questions with other companies of his investment portfolio.