We have chosen the term « Parallel » so as to evoke the importance of legal advice connected to the operational constraints of innovative business models. Business and law cannot be dealt with separately. Parallel is also an evocation of the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, which can both benefit from the digital revolution provided that they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolutions.

Case studies

Case study


Assessing and managing the risk associated to independent contractors working for a food delivery platform

  • Our Client, a food delivery platform, was in a massive growth period of his development.
  • Client realized that it was necessary to analyze the legal constraints concerning the independent contractors working with the platform, be it with a micro-social status or without status.
  • Parallel Avocats was mandated due to its expertise on the topic.
  • After discussions with the Client and a documentary analysis, Parallel conducted an assessment of the Client’s business model in light of specific legal issues such as the limit between professional work and private activities, requalification claims, financial flows and concealed work.
  • Parallel’s analysis underlined the key issues in the use of the platform’s services and suggested modifications of the contractual framework of the client (in particular terms of use and contracts for the provision of services).
  • Client was then able to see the risks associated to his way of operating and build a strong defense to be mobilized in case of litigation.
  • Minimizing the costs: Parallel’s intervention reduced the financial cost associated to the core business operations of the Client because of the sectorial approach of Parallel, advising both on employment law, platform law, contract law and transport law issues.
  • Anticipating litigation: Client aligned his daily operations on his legal environment, thus helping his position in lawsuits initiated by independent contractors aiming at being requalified as employees.
  • Increasing legal awareness: Client’s teams increased their degree of knowledge on their legal environment, which allowed them to better convince their investors and clients, in particular in conjunction with Parallel’s intervention alongside the Client during informal events.