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We have chosen the term « Parallel » so as to evoke the importance of legal advice connected to the operational constraints of innovative business models. Business and law cannot be dealt with separately. Parallel is also an evocation of the coexistence of traditional companies and innovative businesses, which can both benefit from the digital revolution provided that they master their legal environment and anticipate its evolutions.


the Future Today

The French law
firm for the digital economy

Expertise dedicated to digital and innovation


« Structurer juridiquement son modèle économique »


« S’adapter aux évolutions du cadre juridique »


« Défendre l’innovation dans des litiges stratégiques »

“the past and the present
are our means, it is only
the future that matters”

Blaise Pascal


Parallel Avocats: the French law firm for the digital economy and platforms

Parallel’s expertise has been structured with the future of the third industrial revolution in mind. The depth and magnitude of the legal challenges faced by digital businesses deserve a focused legal partner.

Working with Parallel Avocats allows you to shift from the vision to the implementation of your ventures in a safe legal environment. We take disruptive technologies seriously and analyze them in depth. Our mission is to ensure that innovative technologies and digital businesses deliver their promises and set the canvas for a strong digital economy.

We have chosen to create an independent and specialized law firm in order to advise and defend our clients (in particular platforms, marketplaces, investors, insurers or large corporates) in the best conditions, thanks to our intimate knowledge of their business models, of their operational processes and, more generally, our integration in the French digital ecosystem.

Arthur Millerand & Michel Leclerc, founding partnersOur services


Parallel uses its knowledge of contract law and digital regulations in order to help the client build the legal and contractual structure that best reflects his business model.


We advise our clients before and after a change in their daily operations and help them anticipate their legal environment


Parallel is a partner for investors who need a regulatory legal opinion during their investment process. Our goal is to ensure that investors have a clear and precise view of the regulatory environment of their investment targets.


We built “WeCertify”, a strong compliance practice helping our clients to adapt to new rules and regulations. WeCertify consists in explaining the new rules, conducting a gap analysis and helping our clients adapt their product accordingly.


Parallel is fully integrated in the French digital ecosystem. Our recognized expertise is regularly sollicited by French institutions working on a reform of the French digital and platform legal framework. We have a vision and we share it.


Parallel assists and represents its clients in various civil, regulatory or criminal proceedings concerning their business model, such as the French Data Protection Office, the French Competition Authority or the French Public Prosecutor.